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End of the... start of the... well, in between

What should you do on Boxing Day, anyway?

How About These Links #29 20221223

Christmas Realizer - what gift would you give to your inspiration?

Creator Spotlight - Dane Benko

How About This presents Ronan O'Driscoll

How About These Links #28 20221216

Curious Realizer - shooting the potatoes and other failures of efficiency

Creator Spotlight - Tony Zentelis

How About This presents Karen Dean

How About These Links #27 20221209

Curious Realizer - Transformation Through Curiosity

Creator Spotlight - Terry Freedman

How About This presents Nancy Quinn

How About These Links #26 20221202

Join my chat

How About This - the seventh month update

Curious Realizer - 30 day challenges

Creator Spotlight - Oleg Volkov

How About This Presents Dr. Greg Loewen

How About These Links #25 20221125

Curious Realizer - Coffee-less and Fountain-Penned

Creator Spotlight - Vanya Bagaev

How About This presents Brittni Brinn

How About These Links #24 20221118

Curious Realizer - The Power of Travel to Make the Familiar Unfamiliar

Creator Spotlight - William Edwards

Atlantic Canada Mondays - what is a dooryard?

This is a paid subscriptions test

How About These Links #23 20221111

Curious Realizer - what makes a great notebook

Creator Spotlight - Anne-Laure Le Cunff

How About This presents Bruce MacNaughton

So long and thanks for all the Tweets

How About These Links #22 20221104

How About This - the sixth month update

Curious Realizer - social media outposts

Creator Spotlight - Brian Reindel (Future Thief)

How About This Presents Leisha Toory

How About These Links #21 20221028

Hi there - upcoming refinements to the newsletter model

Curious Realizer - 21st Century Rosetta Stone

Haikus about work

Creator Spotlight of a different kind

Atlantic Canada Mondays - Neither British Nor USian

How About These Links #20 20221021

Curious Realizer - Where Did The Moon Come From?

Creator Spotlight - Jillian Hess

How About This presents Pamela Marie Pierce

How About These Links 19a - Bonus - Better Late Than Never

How About These Links #19 20221014

Curious Realizer - what's in your creative limbo?

Creator Spotlight - Mo Bekdache

Atlantic Canada Mondays - Canadian Thanksgiving 2022 Edition

How About These Links #18 20221007

Dear H.A.T.T.E.R.s - looking for your feedback

Curious Realizer - A Notebook Harvest

Creator Spotlight - Nora Young

Atlantic Canada - a few fall notes

How About This - month 5 recap

How About These Links #17 20220930

How About This - open thread to introduce yourself and talk about your work

Digging The Beach

Curious Realizer - is solo thinking impossible?

From The Metropolitan - Oh, Canada

Atlantic Canada - a post Hurricane Fiona primer

How About These Links #16 - Sept. 23/22

Impossible to say - the real value of a $300 idea

Creater Spotlight - we did not interview this person but

How About This Presents Alyson Hasson

How About These Links #15 - Sept. 16/22

Curious Realizer - monochrome was the palette of the unreal, envy and nostalgia

Creator Profile - James McLeod

How About This Presents Julia Wright

How About These Links #14 - Sept. 9/22

How About This presents Elizabeth aka mama_ezekiel

When are the basics too basic?

Creator Spotlight - Ron Sexsmith

Creator Spotlight - Bryan Padrick

How About This presents Jenna Lyn Albert

How About This - month 4 recap

How About These Links #13 - Sept. 2/22

How About This presents Sal Sawler

Creator Spotlight - MarkFyve

Creator Spotlight - Leon Conrad

How About This presents The Practical Escapist

How About These Links #12 - Aug 26/22

How About This presents Jeanne Armstrong

Curious Realizer - Collecting Things

Creator Spotlight - Thomas J. Bevan

How About This Presents Jarvis Googoo

How About These Links #11 - Aug. 19/22

How About This Presents PoP NB

Curious Realizer - the infamous 10000 hours assertion

Creator Spotlight - Craig Burgess

How About This presents Ray Harris

How About These Links #10 - Aug. 12/22

An invitation to (re)introduce yourself

Curious Realizer - six more steps to genius that were inspired by the Maestro

Creator Spotlight - Anne Theriault

How About This Presents Dr. Tara Taylor

This is only a test

How About These Links - Friday, Aug. 5/22

A Curious Realizer Guide to Freewriting

Creator Spotlight - David J. Loehr

How About This presents Bill Short

How About This - month 3 recap

How About These - Friday Links - July 29/22

Curious Realizer - The Incalculable Value of Curiosity

Creator Spotlight - What's Curation? by Nikhil Rajagopalan

How About This presents James Fisher

New feature coming to How About This - Tuesday interviews

Linky Fridays - July 22/22

The Curious Notebook Expo

The Information That Won’t Fit Inside Your Head Part 3 - Journals With And Without Bullets

What is a Curious Realizer - a manifesto in progress

How About This presents Dr. Cheryl MacDonald

How important is it to hear the writer's voice?

Linky Fridays - July 15/22

Words that mean different things in different languages even when spelled the same

The Knowledge That Won't Fit Inside Your Head Part 2 - Index Cards and Antinets

Getting to know us

How About This Presents Adam Drake

When the pen is mightier than the keyboard

Linky Fridays - July 8/22


The Knowledge That Won't Fit Inside Your Head Part 1 - Commonplace Books

Interview suggestions for Atlantic Canada Mondays?

The Atlantic Canada Mondays interviews

How About This Presents @probablywillnot

How About This - month 2 recap

How About This - Links of Interest - July 1/22

Welcome and thank you!

How to entertain the possibility that your opinion might be wrong

How About This - a three way interview

The current publishing schedule for How About This

Rights and losing them

How About This - Links of Interest - June 24/22

Something new!

Good morning and good night

How About This presents Dawn Mockler

Greeting cards, yea or nay

Strangely Familiar Yet New Worlds

How About This - Links of Interest - June 17/22

Boiling disorders and the befuddled mind

Note taking by pen and paper or digitally?

Other media in New Brunswick (CANADA)

The ongoing war for your attention and why it's important

14 personal insights from 14 years on Twitter

Word of the week: ascetic

Experimenting with a Substack thread - an icebreaker question of sorts

How About This presents Katy Jean (@katynotie)

The lesson of uneven ears

How About This - month 1 recap

53 and a life

Social media - use as wanted or use as compelled?

Side quests, or deviating from the plan to achieve a plan

Maritimers to watch, read and experience

I couldn't focus on a book called Focus - this is how I handled it

Hiding your birthday from Facebook and other acts of digital isolation

Three newsletters I read - May 2022

How About This: things of interest - May 12, 2022

Stuck In His Thumb – Tales of the Immature Brain

The backstages of our own private Seahavens

How About This - The Inciting Incident

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