A great post with some really interesting questions, Mark!

I haven't been active on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for several years, and I'm very glad of that. I am easily overwhelmed, and choose not to engage with traditional social media. It's interesting: I've seen quite a few posts here recently in which writers have described their struggles with burnout and overwhelm, in some cases announcing that they are stepping away from social media for a while.

And here we are.

Hello, 'Notes'! And hello again, 'Chat'! Nice to meet you, but I don't feel I want to get to know you right now. You may be very useful strings to the bows both of Substack and its readers and writers, but I'm going to keep slinging my own literary arrows right here towards the target I've got to know and love since I first dived in last summer, before you were perhaps even a glimmer in Substack's eye.

And I'm happy with that. 😊

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I’m kind of interested in Notes - I think, with the increasing unusability of Twitter, it has potential, and also a lot of writers already have homes here, which is more than a lot of the Twitter replacements have had going for them. I think it’ll be some time before we see the effects of Notes + Twitter’s continued crumbling but it’s the first one where I’ve been like “hmmm that may go somewhere, we’ll see.”

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