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What do you do when Substack gives you what you've asked for, plus thoughts on 2023

After the open letter

Substackers Against Nazis

Rarely asked but interesting questions about the holidays

The reader's dilemma - to read or re-read

What do you do when you prefer not to

Turning into a softie and more

The AI problem that everyone talks about vs. the AI problem that almost no one talks about

Anti-Demographic Thought(s)

The modern public library in a single infographic

Creator Q&A - Russell Nohelty

Death, writing and the unknowable

A mystery I would like to solve

When a song doesn't sound like itself

Creator Q&A - Matt Cardin

From the archives - Drill Sergeant or Buddy: Who Brings Out the Best in a Creator?

Small thoughts for a better life

Atlantic Canada - a post Hurricane Fiona primer

Dunbar's number(s), Substack Recommendations and swell, like-minded people



When the pen is mightier than the keyboard

Open thread - invitation to introduce yourself

Curious Realizer - the infamous 10000 hours assertion

You are the center of concentric circles

Creator Q&A - donalee Moulton

Quarterly Update: H.A.T. Year 2, Q1

Antilibraries and the value of the books you own but have not read

Creator Q&A - Rebecca Holden

A short note to our sponsors

Public libraries are awesome and here are things you might not know about them

So I thought I would try a newsletter for a change

Creator Q&A - Agata Antonow

Notes vs. Threads or is it?


Some thoughts about Ted Gioia's Signs of the Information Crap-pocalypse

A writing exercise: write about a random page from a book

Creator Q&A - Michael Marpaung

Three steps to dig yourself out of the envy hole

Sounds and music to put you in the mood (for work)

Creator Q&A with Jimmy Doom

Conversation thread: what's the most interesting and thought provoking book, TV show, movie or podcast that you've experienced lately?

Will you still read me / Will you still heed me / When I'm 54

Creator Interview - Scoot of the Peasant Times-Dispatch

Just give something a try! Please!

I hope these letters found you well

How About This presents Anne Marie Beattie

Hard of hearing, except for all the noise

An opportunity to tell us all a bit about yourself

How About This - the 12th month and 1st year update

How About This Year 1 - original writing retrospective

How About This Year 1 - the interview retrospective

11 random points and mysteries to ponder when you need a mental break

Rethinking - the notebook snob meets the humble composition notebook

How About This Presents Athena Rose

On the shifting sands of microblogging and newsletter platforms

The powerful Idea Kindlers of master magician Stewart James

How About This - the 11th month update

A master magician's methods to manufacture exceptional ideas

Fit for purpose - the case for business writing

Have you ever considered these ideas?

The Other Twenty-Five

How About This - the tenth month update

Historical dramas have important things to say about pen and paper so have a read

Creator Spotlight - Lee Thompson

Open Thread - please introduce yourself

Creator Profile - Stella MacLean

Curious Realizer - the contrasts between day jobs and creative work

Creator Spotlight - Paul Wells

How About This - the ninth month update

On Process And Place - Letter #3 - The Finale (Mark to Julie)

Creator Spotlight - Kathleen Sykes

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On Process And Place - Letter #2 (Mark to Julie)

How About This presents Allan Hudson

How About These Links #32 20230120

On Process And Place - Letter #1 (Mark to Julie)

Creator Spotlight - Lyle Enright

How About These Links #31 20230113

Curious Realizer - three introductions to creative problem solving

Atlantic Canada Mondays - Anne C. Kelly

How About These Links #30 20230106

Curious Realizer - Notebook and Paper Palooza

Creator Spotlight - Tim Rutherford

How About This - the eighth month update